Employment Law


VWEW Advocaten's team of specialists provides assistance to businesses, organisations and individuals in all areas of employment and social security law.

In the field of employment law, we stand out for our proactive approach, which consists of identifying problems as soon as possible in order to provide preventive advice. Our track record attests to our extensive experience successfully advising and assisting Belgian and foreign investors.

In this context, we have recognised expertise in all aspects of cross-border employment and the cross-border provision of services. We are also highly regarded for our litigation skills (in both individual and collective disputes).

We emphasise simple, direct communication in the language of the client's choosing.

Our team has extensive experience in the following areas, amongst others:

  • assistance with employment law issues when setting up a business, including applications for work permits and professional cards;
  • negotiation and drafting of individual employment contracts as well as directors' and management agreements;
  • assistance with respect to the termination of employment contracts;
  • drafting and implementation of work rules and other internal corporate rules;
  • provision of daily assistance to HR departments with respect to personnel management (drafting addenda to employment contracts, handling problems regarding harassment and discrimination in the workplace, explaining the impact of new technologies on working methods, etc.);
  • employment of foreign nationals, from both EU and non-EU countries;
  • secondments and salary splits;
  • internal audits on the occasion, for example, of the takeover of a company or branch of activity and external audits by the competent authorities;
  • negotiation and drafting of non-compete agreements with former employees;
  • assistance with grant applications for federal or regional aid or subsidies;
  • criminal aspects of employment law;
  • intellectual property rights in the employment law context;
  • protection of personal data in the employment law context.

Collective labour law:

  • negotiation and drafting of collective bargaining agreements;
  • transfers of undertakings and branches of activity;
  • advice and assistance with respect to outsourcing and insourcing;
  • advice and assistance in the context of collective dismissals and business closures;
  • advice on and resolution of disputes with respect to social elections and employee representative bodies;
  • assistance with respect to the resolution of collective labour disputes;
  • drafting of stock option plans.

Social security law:

  • advice on and resolution of disputes regarding social security law, for both employees and self-employed persons;
  • secondments within and outside the EU;
  • assistance to companies (management) concerning the applicable social security treatment of corporate officers and/or Belgian and foreign service providers;
  • extralegal occupational pension schemes.